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We are committed to creating the most interdisciplinary team to discover and develop transformational medicines.

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At Relation, we are looking for bright, passionate individuals who care about our mission. The mission is not easy, but the journey will be incredibly rewarding. How we operate matters to us and as such, our core values are at the centre of everything we do:

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    We believe in empowerment.

    We embody the freedom, independence and responsibility to perform at our best.

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    We believe in compassionate candour.

    We care and act personally while communicating
    clearly and directly.

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    We believe in collaboration.

    We value the integration of diverse disciplines and perspectives to solve the most difficult problems.

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    We believe in high performance.

    We value success and the team play needed to achieve it.

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If you don’t see a role for you, but think you’d be right for Relation, then please do reach out here.

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