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for patients.

Our technology has applicability to a wide range of diseases.

Beyond bone, our interdisciplinary teams are developing programmes in, for example, immunology and metabolic disease.


  • Over 45 million patients across the US, Europe and Japan.
  • Affects one in two women and one in four men over 50.
  • An inherited disease with over 2,000 gene loci identified to date.
  • High translational fidelity from patient to lab to patient.
  • Discovery driven by Relation’s proprietary bone atlas, Osteomics.

Osteomics: the world’s largest functional, single-cell bone atlas.

A clinical observational study to develop a fundamental understanding of cellular bone homeostasis using patient-derived samples.

  • Deeply characterised samples using single-cell, spatial omics, imaging, genomics, proteomics and clinical phenotype.

  • Uncovering new biology, therapeutic targets, biomarkers and patient subgroups.

  • Hospitals and partners across the UK and Australia.

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